Meet the team


Moe Moe Sandwich is the creation of three sandwich enthusiasts, two
from Japan and one from Singapore.

This delivery-only Sandwich shop
was conceived under the most unlikely of period, the great Singapore circuit breaker.

So what drove them into action?

In that strange chapter of their life, they experienced this calling for a whole new
dining experience.

Something not just delicious but fun and beautiful, at home.

They believe WANPAKU-SANDO is the answer.

In addition, one of the team member who recently relocates to Singapore was managing a popular food section in a renowned Japanese department store.

With her experience, Moe Moe Sandwich became the first import of Japanese style designer fruits sandwich into Singapore.

Moe Moe Sandwich believes in the limitless possibilities of sandwiches.

Stay tuned for their new creation, as they constantly come up with unique sandwiches which have never existed in this world.



From Hokkaido, Japan

Sweets specialist. Mother of our beautiful fruit sandwiches.


From Singapore

Sandwich master. I serve only what I will eat. And I eat only the best!


From Hokkaido, Japan

Marketing and picnicholic. I just like to have beautiful sandwiches for my picnic.


+65 8868 6183

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