Moe Moe Sandwich

WANPAKU-SANDO (Japanese artisan sandwich) specialist

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Moe Moe Sandwich will be off on 1st August, therefore we are not taking any preorders from

30th July 6pm to 31st July 6pm

Thank you!


This website is for preorders only.

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With our preorder system, you will never waste your lunchtime waiting for delivery.
Place order on previous day and get your order by tomorrow lunch!
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Our sandwiches are all made fresh upon order.

In order to serve you well, we focus on preorders.

Order by 6 p.m. today and get the sandwich by 12 noon tomorrow.

If we fail to deliver on time,

we shall offer you $10 OFF your next order with us.




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$65 & above: FREE!

$45 - $65: $8

$0 - $45: $12

(Small order fee of $5 applies to the orders less than $25)




Gourmet Sandwich (WANPAKU Sando)

Filled with surprising amount of goodness. Just one of our gourmet sandwich to make a complete meal!





Delicious and less sweet. It's not just an eye candy.